Sfund Joint Stock Company

Crafting your path, we do the math

Are you coming up with visionary ideas in AI, gaming, mobile, or web development? We want to hear from you. At Sfund, we are committed to investing in your future.

Our Portfolio

At Sfund, we drive tech innovation by investing in AI, groundbreaking games, revolutionary mobile apps, and cutting-edge web solutions. We empower visionary entrepreneurs and startups to shape the future of digital experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We invest in AI technologies that redefine industries, from machine learning algorithms to intelligent automation and beyond. Our portfolio includes companies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI.


We support developers who bring unique and engaging gaming experiences to life. We believe in the power of play to connect and inspire.

Mobile & Web development

At Sfund, we invest in innovative mobile apps and web solutions that enhance productivity, foster communication, entertain, and create value. We support visionary developers who drive user engagement and streamline processes.

Why Sfund?

From initial funding to market entry, we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of your business, helping you navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Expertise and Experience

  • Team of seasoned investors and industry veterans
  • Extensive knowledge in AI, gaming, mobile, and web development
  • Provides not just funding but also strategic guidance

Global Network

  • Vast network of global contacts including industry experts, mentors, and strategic partners
  • Provides market access, business development, and strategic collaborations
  • Offers unparalleled support and opportunities for growth


  • Actively seeks out groundbreaking ideas and visionary entrepreneurs
  • Focuses on fostering creativity and development of transformative products
  • Supports projects that improve lives and redefine the digital landscape

Our Investment





Our top-performing products leverage advanced AI capabilities to streamline complex image editing tasks



Our mission is to empower businesses with innovative technology, driving growth and transforming digital experiences.



Our goal is to revolutionize industries and elevate businesses through innovative digital solutions, empowering them to achieve unprecedented success.



A group of people who are passionate about games and have the ambition to bring fun, entertaining, and valuable puzzle games to people of all ages around the world through the creation of puzzle games with high intelligence.



ONDI aims to transport players to a dream world, igniting their desire to conquer and break all limits.



Our passion for innovation and storytelling drives us to create games that inspire, challenge, and delight players worldwide.


“Your aspirations, our investments”

Quang Phan Sy

CEO, Sfund